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Achievements and Documents


In this section you should enter any relevant professional or academic awards. honors, or scholarships. Click “Add Achievement” to add an achievement. Your achievements will not be displayed in any particular order, regardless of the order or the dates entered. Please note that once you submit your application, you may not edit or remove these entries. However, you will still be able to add new achievements.


Select awards or honors.


The name of the achievement you received.

Name of Presenting Organization

STEFANEL pink STEFANEL Pastel Handbag STEFANEL Handbag Pastel pink Pastel pink Handbag Handbag Pastel pink STEFANEL List the organization which awarded your achievement.

Issued Date

List the date your achievement was awarded.

Brief Description

If the achievement is not clear based on its title, please include a brief description of your achievement, or any special circumstances surrounding it. If your achievement was awarded multiple times, (i.e. Dean’s List) you may use this space explain that so that one entry may cover all instances of the award.


In this section, you are required to upload a CV or a Resume. Compose a brief CV or Resume highlighting your accomplishments that you would like your schools and programs to consider as part of your SOPHAS application. Keep your CV/resume general as the same document will be sent to all schools and programs you will apply to.

IMPORTANT: Even if you only plan to apply to one school or program, do NOT tailor your CV/Resume to a specific school or program as you may decide to apply to additional schools or programs at a later date, and once you submit your application your CV/Resume can NOT be edited or changed.

Your CV/Resume Must Be Submitted Electronically

Once you have composted your CV or Resume, it must be uploaded to your SOPHAS application electronically.Pastel pink Handbag Handbag Pastel Handbag STEFANEL Handbag pink pink STEFANEL STEFANEL pink Pastel STEFANEL Pastel DO NOT MAIL PAPER COPIES OF YOUR CV/RESUME TO SOPHAS AS THEY WILL BE DISCARDED.

Maximum File Size: 5 MB

Pastel Handbag Pastel STEFANEL Handbag pink pink Pastel STEFANEL STEFANEL pink STEFANEL Handbag Handbag Pastel pink When saving your document, the file size may not exceed 5 MB. If you attempt to upload a file larger than 5 MB to your SOPHAS application you will receive an error message.

PLEASE NOTE: you should be attempting to upload your CV or Resume document ONLY. Do NOT attempt to attach additional information such as a Statement of Purpose or other information to your resume document. 

File Extensions for Uploading

SOPHAS can STEFANEL Pastel pink Handbag STEFANEL Pastel STEFANEL Pastel STEFANEL Handbag pink Pastel Handbag Handbag pink pink ONLY accept the following file types. Save your CV or Resume as one of the following when uploading to SOPHAS:

  • DOC, DOCX (MS Word)
  • TXT (ASC II Text File)
  • PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • STEFANEL Pastel Handbag Pastel pink STEFANEL Pastel STEFANEL Handbag Handbag Handbag Pastel STEFANEL pink pink pink RTF (Rich Text Format)
  • JPG, JPEG (JPEG Format)
  • PNG (PNG Format)

Mac users: please make certain that the file extension (i.e. PDF) is displaying at the end of your file name to ensure proper upload.


Please be sure to look over your CV or Resume several times for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other errors BEFORE you e-submit your application. Once you e-submit your application, you can NOT re-enter, update, or otherwise edit your CV/Resume and SOPHAS can NOT do so for you.

If you find an error after you submit and you believe it is major enough to effect the consideration of your application, we advise sending a corrected copy directly to the schools and programs to which you have applied.


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Q: How far back in my career should I list achievements?

A: You may include any achievement you believe is relevant to your application. However, it is preferable to focus on those earned at a collegiate level or above and those earned within the last 10 years.

Q: Should I enter separate entries for an award or honor received multiple times  or list one entry to cover all of them?

A: If you have received the same award multiple times, you should list one entry (i.e. Dean’s List). The date awarded is optional, so skip that section and in the “brief description” section, record how many times you have received the award and on what dates.

Q: The CV/Resume I wish to submit is over the file size limit and there isn’t any information I want to exclude. What do I do?

A: If the file you wish to upload is too large, submit an abbreviated version to SOPHAS and then contact the school(s) and programs of public health to which you plan to apply to find out whether you can send the original version to the schools and programs directly.

Q: Can I edit/delete/update my CV/Resume after I e-submit my application?

A: NO. You cannot update or edit your CV/Resume in any way once you e-submit. Any edited or updated versions of your CV/Resume should be sent directly to the school(s) or programs to which you are applying.

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